About us

Who We Are?

Founded in 2018, Wise Tech Labs aims to provide consumers with innovative, reliable and effective System Utility applications and Security Software to enrich PC Performance. We have made available many useful applications with millions of installs worldwide. The founders have strong 16+ years of experience to build and supply best products as per user requirements.

Our team is committed to provide better products and services to end users. We work hard to make innovative products that can help users worldwide.

What we do?

At Wise Tech Labs, we create powerful, yet easy to use, software solutions to help you drastically improve your PC's performance and security. Our latest and newest product SMART System Repair is ready for users of 220 countries. We continuously thrive to improve the technology we use to deliver better features and better products. Whether you want a System maintenance application or you want to protect your System from threats in Real Time, SMART System Repair will do the job for you. From basic PC maintenance to advanced functionality for an Optimized PC, we've got you covered!

Contact Us

If you need any help or technical & customer support, or have any questions or problem about any of our products or your PC in general, you may reach out to us.

For general questions about using SMART System Repair, please visit our FAQs, if you cannot find the solution there then please contact us on Email Support

Technical Support

To get Technical Support, visit the SMART System Repair Support Center for quick answers to most common problems or help topics.

Partner Inquiries

Contact Wise Tech Labs partnership management team for business proposals.

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