Deep System Cleaning

Remove all kind of potentially unwanted items and clutter to gain more space on your PC


Quick Performance Boost

Give your PC a performance boost by performing system optimization or by cleaning memory efficiently


Enhanced System Security

Safeguard your PC from all potential threats like adware, malware, rouge apps and scareware


Premium Customer Support

Experienced experts available to help through email response or through premium support over call

SMART System Repair Features

Quick System Cleanup

Your PC helps you a lot in daily operations and tasks. However, your PC's hard drive space can be occupied by many unwanted files as you use it. Your PC deserves love and care. SMART System Repair scans your PC deeply to look for unwanted files that are of no use and can be safely deleted in a click. Free up gigabytes of space for more useful content on your PC.

SMART System Repair cleans various types of junk

Malware Cleaner

SMART System Repair protects your PC against potentially unwanted applications like Malware, Adware, Spyware and Rouge Apps. Active Protection helps you get protection in Real Time by detecting and removing downloaded or installed malicious applications instantly.


Privacy Protector

SMART System Repair helps protect your Privacy by finding and removing all privacy exposing traces from your PC. Easily clean all unwanted history data from various browsers and your System. Erase all cookies, caches, browsing history, local storeage data, including the recent items lists. Clean up applications traces that you do not want to reveal or exposed.

Boost your PC to Peak Performance

Optimize Internet settings for various browsers to experience a faster browsing speed. Improve various configuration settings that directly affect your network and Internet connection Speed.

Optimize System settings for better PC Performance. Apply various tuning tips designed to promote better performance of your Windows.


Internet Optimization

Boost up Network Speed with tweaks



System Optimization

Boost up System Performance with tweaks


Registry Cleaner

SMART System Repair will scan your Windows Registry for issues. SMART System Repair can repair and maintain your registry to restore optimum performance and help you enjoy an issues free System. By Regularly cleaning Registry and keeping it tidy you will experience less Registry-related System crashes and program conflicts.

Memory Boostup

SMART System Repair helps free up more RAM for important tasks and programs to run, in one click. RAM may be filled up with program caches to give you faster access when you need used programs again. These can be freed up to boost Memory!

memory-boostup memory-boostup

Startup Optimizer

Many programs are designed to start automatically when Windows starts. The programs you rarely or never use wastes precious memory and slows down the time it takes Windows to finish starting up. SMART System Repair helps Limit how many programs run at startup. Decide for yourself if you want a program to run at startup using the inbuilt Startup Manager.


Invalid Shortcuts Fixer

SMART System Repair will scan your computer for broken shortcuts. Deleting orphaned or useless shortcuts from your Desktop, Start Menu and other areas is a good thing to keep your System tidy.

Smart Uninstaller

It's a good idea to uninstall all the programs you don't plan to use. If you decide you don't want them, keeping the software on your computer might slow it down by using precious memory, disk space, and processing power. SMART System Repair helps uninstall multiple unwanted applications in a go and saves you time!

smart uninstaller system repair

Duplicate Files Cleaner

Find and Remove Duplicate Files instantly

SMART System Repair has an inbuilt Duplicates Finder that will deep scan for all types of files - photos, music, videos, documents, presentations, text files and what not. Get an organized files collection by removing redundant files easily!

Smart detection

Scan for duplicate files fast and with accuracy

Scan Multiple folders

Add multiple locations and scan for duplicate files

Preview Files

Easily preview files before you remove them

Enhanced Security

At least one copy of found files is always preserved

External drives support

Find and remove duplicates files from External storage drives

Exclude list

Easily ignore sensitive folders from being scanned for duplicates


Large Files Finder

Find and Remove Large Files instantly

SMART System Repair has an inbuilt Large Files Finder that will deep scan for Large files that may be residing on your PC from a long time and may be of no use for you. These can be Old Movies, Installers, Videos, Compressed Files and more. Gain space by removing Large files that are of no use.

Find and Delete Large Files with Ease

Simply drag folders to look for large files and SMART System Repair will search large files and present a list for you to review. Use various sorting options to analyze them, select and delete the unwanted files to gain space.

Get Large files in various size range

SMART System Repair's Large Files Finder is a handy tool that you can use to look for large files on local or removable storage devices in order to determine the content that is taking too much disk space. You can select the range of files' size that you wish to find out. This can be anywhere from 10 MB to over 5 GB.


Secure Delete Files

Secure Delete Files to Protect your data from Prying eyes. SMART System Repair helps remove sensitive data securely to make it impossible for anyone to retrieve. Securely Remove files you no longer need safe from intruders.

SMART System Repair

Clean, Protect and Optimize your Windows PC in a click!

Supports Windows 10/Win8/Win7/Vista

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