Deep System Cleaning

Remove all kind of potentially unwanted items and clutter to gain more space on your PC


Quick Performance Boost

Give your PC a performance boost by performing system optimization or by cleaning memory efficiently


Enhanced System Security

Safeguard your PC from all potential threats like adware, malware, rouge apps and scareware


Premium Customer Support

Experienced experts available to help through email response or through premium support over call

Remove Gigabytes of Clutter

Deeply clean junk files and clutter on Windows to gain more space using Quick Cleanup. Keeping your computer free from clutter helps make your computer work efficiently for a longer time. SMART System Repair scans every corner of your PC for various types of Junk and helps free up space to run your PC smoothly.


Boost your PC to peak Performance

Your PC might get slower due to lack of optimizations. SMART System Repair helps to perform System and Internet Optimizations to boost PC performance and enrich your experience.


System Optimization


Overall Boostup


Internet Optimization

Remove Malware and Scareware Apps

SMART System Repair helps you protect against Malware apps, Scareware and rouge apps that may scare you by showing unwanted errors. Keep your PC away from such deceptive apps and safeguard yourself from online threats.

privacy privacy-details

Clean and Protect Your Privacy

Protect your PC against potential threats and defend your privacy and online activities. SMART System Repair helps you to erase your online traces and defend your personal information. Instantly remove Privacy Exposing items. Get Protection Now

Speed up your pc Speed up your pc leftshap

Clean Memory to Speed Up your PC

As many applications run you your PC, the RAM may get cluttered up. By using SMART System Repair’s Memory Cleanup, you may free up RAM allocated but unused by other apps. You can close Memory hogging applications and free up memory taken by them.

SMART System Repair comes with a Mini Desktop Widget

SMART System Repair come with a handy Desktop Widget that displays the RAM and CPU usage. This little display remains on your Desktop and you can expand to see RAM and CPU usage and the running applications taking most CPU and RAM. You can even close the applications you are no longer using with a click.

You can recover RAM instantly to have more memory available for important applications and operations to run smoothly!

smart-system-repair smart-system-repair

More Useful Tools Available


Duplicates Finder

Find and Remove Duplicate Files from your System

Smart Uninstaller

Smart Uninstaller

Smartly and completely Uninstall Multiple apps in one go

Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer

Clean up System Memory to Speed up Operations


Startup Optimizer

Manage Startup items to Speed up System startup


Large Files Cleaner

Search and remove Large Files that are of no use


Files Shredder

Securely Delete Files to keep Data safe from prying eyes

Supports Windows 10/Win8/Win7/Vista

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